Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I didn't grow up with electronics. High tech was not even thought of -- well maybe thought of but not in use.

I remember when TV came to us. We thought we had been put onto another planet.

We had 3 channels. And NO REMOTE!!


We had to get up and go turn the knob from one channel to the next.

WE--my brother and I--were the remote.

And we watched what the parents wanted to.

I remember the summer of the Presidential conventions. SOOOO MANY hours of people talking and posturing and going on and on about this person or that one. Conventions in those days were just that. No one started running for office until they were put before all the delegates to choose the person to run for their party.

Sounds like a good idea to me..

I remember when we got COLOR TV. 

I remember when we got a screen that was bigger than 10 inches across that round screen.

And I remember when we got out first flat panel TV.

I remember when we got out first computer way back in 1994. Jerry was working in the Gulf of Mexico and so we got a fax modem so we could communicate with each other. The only thing is the faxes went into the rig bosses office and sometimes got mixed up with the work faxes.

 And six months later the new computers had this WONDERFUL thing called the INTERNET. We had TOWERS and wires and they took up a huge amount of room on a desk.

Now I have a wireless all-in-one. Wireless printer, keyboard, and mouse.

And for a week I could not print a thing.




I could copy and scan---but not print.

So this morning I got busy and reinstalled the printer and all that jazz. Then this window popped up and gave this huge list of doc's to be printed. I looked that window over good because I didn't believe that the list was that long.

Then the most important bit of information came into view.

Printing PAUSED.

There was a check beside that.

So I unchecked it and guess what??

I got about 30 pages of printing in no time at all.

Technology is sometimes stumped by the most simply things.

I had a glitch in my get a long and now its going.

More later, Linda