Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today was MUCH better

Yesterday, among all the drama, we went to the nearest bigger town and bought us a refrigerator. Not just any fridge---this one is going into the garage!! It's not too big but it has enough room to take p the give us room in the one in the house when we have a lot of people here.

And yesterday, when Jerry went to get the pickup out of the garage---one of the tires had BLOWN out while it was just parked there. What would it have been like if he had been driving it in this heat.??

I mean really, so we talked about it and he decided to look around for some tires instead of just going to the place he always goes to.

We found the tires-----and after I wrote the check, I took a DEEP breathe and got out at the house so he could go back to the tire shop and have the new ones put on.

The tires were even more than the fridge had been!!!

I almost have a panic attack when I have to write a $20 check, much less 2 checks that total more than I used to make in six months.

It was an eye opener for me. I didn't really think that tires had gone up so much in price.

I knew groceries had gone up 3 fold.

I know that gas has gone up too.

But tires???

BUT, and this is a big one----what if he had been driving that pickup when that tire blew??

I'm happy to write the check when I think about that.

More later, Linda