Monday, August 5, 2013

It's been one if THOSE days

There used to be a comedian whose phrase was -- I shoulda stood in bed!!

I had one of those days today. We went to Lawton today to deliver product. 

That was okay. It was later in the day that got CRAZY!!

Jerry burst through the door and said -- something. I really didn't know what he said. 

I was getting an email ready to go to one of the team. 

I got to thinking -- while I was trying to scan and attach to the email -- and decided I needed to go outside and see what was going on. 

One tire on the pickup blew out INSIDE the garage. 

I went back inside. 

Jerry burst into the house again!!

The garage door was acting up. 

I went back outside. 

By this time, it was 101 on the thermometer. I don't do hot. 

I went back inside to make a call to the garage door man. 

I went back outside. Jerry was just getting the spare tire on. Hurray!!

The garage door man came by. 

He parked right in Jerry's way. He couldn't leave. 

The garage door behaved itself. 

The garage door man left. 

Jerry left. 

The garage door started acting up again. 

And the green beans were still crisp when we got ready to eat. 

And through it all, I KNEW that all was good today. 

More later, Linda