Thursday, August 15, 2013

Do you WORK (YUCK) or are you Productive

I just figured out something today. There IS a difference in working and being productive.

I love my job!! I really do!

Helping people find the right foundation color, or the BEST blue eye shadow, or the most AWESOME color of red lipstick is what it's all about.

Now that doesn't sound like too much of a problem---it's all in the way you look at it.

I could have really gotten out of joint when a particular client could NOT make up her mind between one color or the other for her lipstick. Twenty minutes later she decided and I thought it was the wrong color of red for her>

How do you tell someone they would NOT like it??

This is the way I do it----IF I were to pick this is the one I would pout on you---and then I hand her the color I know would be best for her.

It always works. 

I LOVE my job. Because it is so productive.

NOW if I were a dishwasher in a restaurant----how could that be productive??

I think to make that a productive job I would have to work my buns off trying to keep up with and ahead of the need for clean dishes, and silverware.

That way I would feel good about myself.

Of course, that's just me.

But productive work is what makes you feel good INSIDE!

It's what makes you walk with a spring in your step, it makes you hum a little song, it makes you say hello to the kids you see, and the old people, it makes you open doors for young mothers with 2 kids in tow and one on the way.

It is the BEST!!

More later, Linda