Monday, September 9, 2013

My grandsons!!

Yesterday we had a family get together -- again. With one exception -- or maybe two.

Andrew was here! Holly couldn't make it -- Andrew's fiance.

And Nonie -- our only granddaughter wasn't here and neither was Ken and his wife May. These three live in Maryland and love it.  Too many people for me -- even though I do love all that history.

So, anyway while the guys were here Our Lynn dished up all the food for the guys and got them tea and extras. and all that. Now Lynn is a very thoughtful person, but is wise in that she never did for her kids what they could do for themselves.

I wondered!

And then it happened!!

She asked them if they would pose for a picture since they were all together for the first time in a year.
To name them all we have Nonie in the back and from left to right in the guy row is David Ray , Richard Tyler, and Andrew. David Ray and Tyler are Our Dave's sons and Nonie and Andrew are Our Lynn's kids.

In the NOW picture we had them all sit in the same places and look the same ways.

The oldes is 28 and two youngest are 26, but I never heard so much moaning and groaning from anyone. I hear ---- If I get down I probably won't be able to get up. And If I cross my legs like that they will stay that way.

They had a really good time.

And I thank them for it.

More later, Linda