Thursday, August 1, 2013

Their baaack!

The naked ladies are back in the same place they were last year. Right in the front part of the front yard. If they weren't so pretty I would really be wanting to move them.

They came up yesterday That was the 31 of July.

Almost 4 weeks earlier than last year.

We had a humdinger of a winter and spring last year. Lots of rain, tornadoes and ice.

Cold wind for months and just an all round mess of a weather pattern.

Today it's only been 94 as a high. Last year this time of the month it was 120. We had 120 on our thermometer for 80 days last year.

Not this year, thank you Jesus.

I don't sweat so there for I can't get out in the heat.

No sweat---no way to cool the body off. Lots of swelling of body tissues.

One time I got so hot my eyeballs felt like they were about to pop out.

I never did that again. I try to stay in as much as possible.

Back to the yard. The grass is green because we have had lots of rain. In fact the ground is so wet we have dew until after lunch. Jerry mows anyway.

And Sarah brings in the green grass and Jerry has to run the sweeper because he can't stand for the floors to be dirty.

I have learned to just let him do it, because I can't and he enjoys it.

More later, Linda