Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wanna know why I love my job?

I used to work at the towns newspaper. I would show up every morning at 7.30 -- clock in at 8 -- but I began my work then and worked until I got the last piece of ads delivered at 5.30 or 6.

My husband worked international at that time. 30 days on and 30 days off. I would take him to the airport and show up for work by noon. I always told them I had something to do.

I had asked for that time to take him to the airport as it was the last communication we had for 30 days.

This was before cell phones or even computers.

NO communication.




For about 6 months this went on. I had told the art director that I was taking the mornings to take Jerry to the airport and I would continue to do so because I was making it up the rest of the month. 

They wouldn't let me have that half day, so they put me on probation.

Monday morning when I showed up at 7.30, the manager came by my desk and gruffly asked why I was there.

My reply was, I'm always at my desk at this time. AND I DON"T clock in til 8. And I clock out at 5, even though I deliver until 5.30 or 6.

He turned around and left.

I found another job.

Life is not fair sometimes. We live and work and go about our business as best we can. Which brings me back to those boys. They won't have a job. They won't get to go to prom or get married. They won't see their children.

But neither will Christopher Lane. And there in lies the tragedy.  Those boys chose to kill.

Christopher did not chose to die.

Back to why I love my job.  I became a Mark Kay consultant about 15 yeas later. I can take off a half day or a week any time I want to. I chose to work a steady hour at a time and then spend time with my Jerry.

And I am NOT put on probation NOR am I fired.

I LOVE it.

More later, Linda