Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today is a MELLow day!

What THEY say is true.  When you get mad just wait a little while.

Well, it's been since Saturday and today I am mellow and not mad.

I don't like being mad. I don't like confrontation. I don't like to hurt someone back.

I do like to be on an even keel. I do like to sit and visit with someone. I do like to make other people smile.

That's what all the problem is.

I like people. I like to make them feel good about themselves. I like to see the confidence ooze from their pores.

Kids are fun to be around too. They have the most unique way of saying things.

And they like being treated like THEY matter TOO!!

Which brings me back to my friend.

And she is a friend---who overstepped the boundaries of friendship.

Tomorrow or the next day, we will have a talk.

I feel like that's necessary.

I have always felt as if I should tell ppeople when they hurt me.

I have found that it is the most uncomfortable thing to do.

But---being uncomfortable for a little while is worth preserving the friendship.

More later, Linda