Friday, August 9, 2013


Yesterday I finished my color certification. I really worked hard at reading all those things we have to read and REALLY reading the questions so that I wouldn't miss any.

I finished and then this page popped up and said that I could put the color certified button on my new business cards. I was to CLICK HERE.

When I clicked here----i got an antivirus page!!

I could not get back to the MK page AT ALL!!

So what to do??

I emailed the corporate office and because by then it was 5:15, they will have to get back with me.

I am waiting not very patiently, I might add, but they do have to look around and see what can be done.

If I have to do the test again, I will, because that will only give me more info.

Let you all know that I am certified so we can have some facial fun!!

More later, Linda