Friday, June 7, 2013

Speaking of noticing---

Lynn bought me a Zagg cover for my new phone. And I registered it. Then they said I would have to finish the registration when I got an email from the comanuy.

I got the email from the company and it said that registration was completed.

I didn't add anything to the email. Didn't type NOTHING!!!


They said I would have to COMPLETE the registration.

THEY said it; so why did the email say that the registration was complete??

Doesn't make any sense AT all!

It seems like things like that happen ALL the time now. I mean really. You get ready to throw letters -- junk mail -- in the trash and you spy the part about filling in the blanks and then when you finally find the right spot -- you have to put in your phone number -- or your middle initial -- or your dad's name -- or the name of the first dog you ever had.

I just throw them away!!!

More later, Linda