Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sarah is sick!

For about a week now Sarah has been sick to her stomach.  She has not been able to keep down any solid food. So she is on Boost. Yesterday I thought she was better, she got to running around and barking and looking at her bowl and then at me.

 But today she threw up again. When Lynn and Dave were little I didn't have this much trouble when they got sick. I KNEW what to do. Know what I mean???

Mom's just know. Well, Now that they are way over the age of 21, I have forgotten what to do. And Sarah can't talk to me.

Does your tummy hurt? NO words from Sarah to tell me!!

She either has too much sinus drainage and that's making her sick or she has that stomach thing that's going around.

I don't think she slept well last night. Around 11 she jumped off the bed and disappeared until 5.30 when she started barking.

She was on the stairs -- looking up the stairs -- barking at the light in the upstairs bathroom. Well, that means Jerry is upstairs in the bathroom getting ready to go help a man clean up an older couples BIG yard.

But Sarah didn't know that. She just knew that SOMETHING was not right.

Time for a nap!!!

For both of them!!!

More later, Linda