Saturday, June 22, 2013

SARAH is over it!

Whatever it was---Sarah is over it. After the pills and the licorice flavored liquid---she is over it!!

I am so glad. It's just like when the kids were little and couldn't really tell you what was wrong with how they felt, it's the same with your furry people. They can't tell you what's going on they just look sad.

But now she looks sad for another reason.

Today was "B" WORD day!!!


She didn't like that AT all.

There she is. All clean and smelling GOOD!! That expensive conditioner works wonders on her hair.

She has gotten a little camera shy. I don't know why---I mean REALLY just because I take pictures of her ALL the time--why in the world would she NOT like that!!

She is NOT gonna turn around !!!

After getting down FLAT with the floor----this is what I got. As you can tell I'm using the phone to take pictures. Because when we got the camera I got to make the choice.  I picked the one I did for two little words written on the top of the camera.


NO blurry pics from that camera. 

More later, Linda