Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anniversary Day 2

They had on the menu oysters, shrimp, steak, potatoes and broccoli casserole. They also had beans--cowboy style and baked.

Jerry made some of his famous ice cream--chocolate and vanilla and there was about 2 servings left out of 3 gallons.

 And of course, The cake.A four layer oval cake with yellow roses and trim.  OMG was it good. French Vanilla flavor and so moist.  It was too good. but I only had a very small piece.

Isn't that gorgeous!!

The bride and groom with Loyd's mom and dad on his side and Mary's mom and dad on her side. What a group.

Sheryl is Marlyn's VERY good friend she not only helped with the cake that Marlyn made, she did the potatoes and broccoli. She also helped with cleanup and made sure that everyone had something to drink.

And Mark cooked the shrimp and the oysters. The first time I met Mark he was cooking shrimp, oysters, and mountain oysters. He really knows how to cook them.

And this is Sheryl, Marks wife. She is a kindergarten teacher. I would love to go see her classroom one day. Mark and Sheryl,s boys cooked the steaks with Bill. They know how to cook those steaks.

I'll safe the rest for tomorrow.

More later, Linda