Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sarah and the MONSTER

Jerry has been cleaning out the garage. I mean, DEEP cleaning. He found this unused rotor tiller that goes on the back of a lawn tractor. He bought it and thought I could use it to keep the garden tilled. BUT -- he wouldn't fit and he just forgot about it and then it got put in the back of the garage---you get the picture. It was kinda like all those things that get put in the back of the closet and when we find them we say __ OH yeah!! I had forgotten about this!

So I made a sign and he put the rotor tiller in the driveway, close to the house, but not too
close to the road.

Sarah spotted it today and this is what happened----

Then it was DADDY to the rescue!!

So she went into the house and collapsed. She had barked and run around in the heat for 25 minutes.!! She got her food much later when she had cooled off.

Daddy's are wonderful things. They kill spiders! They take us on pony rides and for Sarah they kill the monsters.

More later, Linda