Friday, June 7, 2013

Have you ever noticed-----?

 Sarah went to China this morning when she first went out to do her business. Or you could say she made a roundabout trip to Ohio and back. She was WET when she got back into the house.

The RETURN from the trek to China!! We have fun with Sarah's morning routine. We could just NOT think about making life fun -- but then THAT'S no fun -- so we make jokes all day.

And this is a sight you seldom see in Oklahoma. The flag is not moving. The trees are not moving. All is still like a little mouse!!!

And it's not steamy and yucky sticky weather. Cool and NICE outside.

And this is what I have noticed about Sarah -- sorry Lynn -- she's a lot like our Lynn was when she was young girl. If Lynn hadn't had enough Daddy time she would get as close as she could and hang on. She would hold his hand, or snuggle in close, or hang onto his belt loop.
Sarah on the other hand is full body across his feet!!

Then she went behind his legs.  Look at her she's saying,"Daddy it's holding time, remember? It's time to put your legs up and turn on the western channel so we can take a nap!!! UMMMM Daddy don't you remember?"

"I guess he forgot!!"

"I'll get him later. That western channel is waiting for us!!!"

More later, Linda