Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fried Fish YUUUUUMMM!!!

Last night our friends called and we went to supper with them at this really neat restaurant. It's a fish house and a Mexican food place.

It's the only place I know of that you can go to have fish and have tortilla chips and salsa for starters. UUUUMMMMM!!!

Spicy salsa. Smooth and spicy. Can't really taste the tomatoes. And can't taste the particular chili, but OH is it good.

The fish came out hot and steamy. The fried potatoes had been dusted with flour so they wouldn't splatter when they were put into the fryer--it also keeps them from being so greasy!! Just saying that's something to remember the next time you fry potatoes.

Then we went to play FARKLE with them.  Jerry doesn't really like card or board games, but he ALWAYS wins.

What happened???

He won!!!

He also had gotten a little dehydrated so we left around 8.

It was a good night--not too late--but we had some fellowship.

We need more of that!!

When was the last time you EVEN called a friend. We say we're gonna call and then NEVER do.

It felt really good to have something different going on.

More later, Linda