Monday, June 3, 2013

Brother's and Mary's 50th Anniversary!!!

We went down to Texas Friday morning.  I am so glad we went then because OKC had ANOTHER tornado. Or 6!!!

I don't really know how many there were it was just a MAJOR amount.

Usually the Meteorologists tell us to get under ground. This time they told everyone to get in their cars and go SOUTH because the tornado was going north.

It changed it's mind and went south.  One woman and her baby were sucked out of the car and died.

ALWAYS find the safest spot in your home and go to it.

One of my friends daughter and her whole family were in a hotel there and they went to the walk in freezer until it was over.

I woke up Saturday morning and I had 9 texts from all my Mary Kay friends in Oklahoma City. That's MK women for you.  They were worried about us worrying about them. Wonderful women.!!

Thank you ladies for all the updates.

Back to the Party.

 This is Cathy, Richards wife. they've been married about 26 years. I think he said. I've slept since then. Richard is the son of Jerry's moms brother. In other words, he is a cousin to our kids. And a nephew to Loyd.

This is Richard. He's the chief lending office at his bank. He was telling us this is a more professional look than he had before he shaved his head. I agree. Really. I am NOT kidding.

Marlyn on the left and Naomi on the right. Marlyn is the daughter of Mary and Loyd. She is a teacher at a school that really appreciates her ability to handle even the toughest of the tough guys. It might be because she is almost 6 feet fall, or it could be because she EXPECTS them to treat her like she treats them. I think its a combination of both. I'm really proud of her. Naomi is going to Texas A&M, is a core member and taking 2, not just one but 2--that's TWO--chemistry classes this summer. She is a fighter.

And this is Jacob. Marlyn and Tim's son. He is also 6 feet tall. and is a sweet, sweet kid. Loves sports and all that's goes with that.

Tim is Naomi and Jacob's dad. I like Tim, he has a lot of good things to say. We haven't had a lot of time to talk lately. I need to remedy that next time we are down there.

And this is Cayden, the newest grandchild of Mary and Loyd. He's four months old and is SOOOOOOOOO cute. Stephanie, his mom is holding him, and to the right Granny Mary is smiling big time with Loyd right behind her.

So that's their family---except for Bill their son. I don't know where his picture went. But I haven't forgotten Bill. He's a charmer.

More later, Linda