Friday, June 21, 2013

Letter writing!!

Writing a letter or any kind is a LOST ART form!!

Last night I found out that Our Mary Kay Team was #1 in our unit for the month of May!! I was so excited!

So I decided to send a note card to all the girls and thank them for their hard work. I found the note cards, I found the pen, I DIDN'T find their addresses.

Where had I put them----and then I remembered--------they were in the computer with all the other Mary Kay things. So I made a copy and got busy.

I sent hand written notes to every one of them. They were phenomenal with their work for the month of May!! And the DESERVED to be praised.!!

I was so excited that I could NOT spell. Unit was spelt Uit more than once and the Guess came out Giess most of the time.

But I got them done and they will be mailed TODAY!!

What a way to start the NEW YEAR with Mary Kay!!

More later, Linda