Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yesterday I got the best text!  From Kenneth!!

It was to let us know that the home phone number had changed.  That has never happened to me before. Except the kids, Lynn and Dave, have ALWAYS let us know when something changes.

I don't think they even KNOW how MUCH that means to me. And to Jerry. Just to be able to know that we can get in touch with them is ---- calming.

This is a picture of Kenneth and May on his left and their daughter on his right. When Kenneth and May were here in March, we had a big BBQ with all the family we could get together. There was Dave and Tyler and David Ray and Danielle. There was Lynn and Keith and Andrew and Holly and of course Jerry and me.

Well, as it would happen, Kenneth and Dave were right across from each other at the table!! They talked and laughed and kept us all in stitches.  

Like twins they are!!

There we are Lynn, Kenneth and me. We all kinda look like we belong together.

Love you Ken.!!

And to May--you are a jewel. !!

More later, Linda