Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sarah went to her Doctor!

Poor little Sarah! She had to go to the doctor yesterday. She's been throwing up for way too long!!

Jerry still thinks that you can just go to the doctor--wait--and eventually get in. When does that ever happen anymore??

You have to make an appointment to go to see your doctor--and then you MIGHT see him in about 2 hours after your appointment was scheduled. But that's for people.

For furry people you make an appointment and usually get in right on time.

Yesterday they worked us in and I thank them for that!!

There she is -- sleeping on Jerry's bathrobe. In HIS chair and MILKING it for all it's worth.  She is such a DIVA!!

And I did NOT make her that way!!

 Mom--she says--WHY don't you give me some FOOD???

She lost a pound and a half last week!! I really wish I could do the same thing.  Let's see 1 1/2 pounds a week and I will be to my goal weight in time for Christmas!! YEAH  !!

I feel like a jailer.. Water ONLY until noon today! UGH!!

Looks really appetizing doesn't it!!

Then there is the meds. Whatever this is, it smells like licorice.

And she does NOT like it! Not one little bit!! It takes the two of us to put the syringe in her mouth and squirt in down her throat. THREE times a day!!

And a pill a day--which I have to POKE down the side of her throat and hope that she doesn't bite me TOO bad!!

She kinda looks like that orphan in Oliver Twist---Please mom some more food!!

More later, Linda