Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Winner YET

I think you all need a hint so here it is.

Well not yet, I just want to say that it is RAINING in our part of Oklahoma today.

YEAH!!! Woo Hoo. Hallelujah!!!

It's cooler with clouds.

Isn't that the way the weather PERSON says it.

Actually, we do have women meterologists on our tv stations.

I don't know if I spelt that meteor think right or not so I will just call them weather people.

That's right I said I would give a hint to the question from yesterday.

Here it is --- the initials for the 2 companies in the US that stress customer service above anything else.


Are you sure??

I just did that because I can now that I'm grown. Couldn't help myself. My older brother did that to me all the time we were in school.

So the initials are mk an swa.

You get a prize if you let me know what they stand for.

And when I did the spell check I DID misspell the meterot thing word.

C'est la vie!!!

More later, Linda