Friday, September 21, 2012

Wondering Again???

This must be my wondering time. But I have a lot of thoughts going thru my head.

One of them is the way the government works.

Now, I always thought that if you paid a person to work--you were the employer. So tell me why it is that the people in Washington DC think that WE work for them?

When did those people give me a salary?  NEVER

Where do they get their salaries??

It ain't from the corner store.

They get paid with the taxes that are collected.
Who pays those taxes?

WE do. You and I. The populace. The working stiff!! The single mom who works for $2.70 and hour. The single dad who makes considerably better than that. They both pay for daycare. We the people do. The retired person living on $500 a month from Social Security. And all the people in the US who work.  We pay the taxes.

That's who!!

So, if their salaries are paid with tax money, and WE pay the taxes---we are the employER. RIGHT?

If you, as the wmployer, are not happy with an employee--and that's what they are, after all--what do you, as the employer do?

You get rid of them. PERIOD.

Nuff said.

More later, Linda