Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RED Jacket Night

Last night we went up to OKC to the Waterford Hotel for a Red Jacket and Director only training.

First of all, at Mary Kay events we ALWAYS start on time. We were 15 minutes late last night because we needed half of the other room just to get all the women. I noticed that most of the directors came in right at 6.30.

No chairs.

NONE !!!

They were out of luck. No not really that's when Kia (the guy who works at the hotel) came in and opened the other room. Took him about 10 minutes to get the doors opened and the chairs set up.

Did that stop Stacy James????


She  just started her meeting and kept right on going.

Even Jerry liked her. His comment, "She's good!"

There were 2 brave men there last night. Jerry and another husband. They were recognized by Stacy. They both looked to be a little shy about all the women applauding them. I know I was proud to have Jerry with me. But then he goes to all the functions with me. Except Seminar.

Seminar for both of us next summer when I get recognition on stage as a new Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

If you don't know yet, when women get together they talk. And talk. AND TALK!!

I think that's just in our gene's . Oh well. Do you see that folding wall? That's what had to be opened when all the rest of the ladies got there. The room behind the wall was twice the size of where we were and it was half full when all the chairs were put down. Wonderful to see that many women ready to do something with their business.

There is my wonderful Jerry!!! He really doesn't like crowds, but he comes with me and the support is what I need.

A sea of RED !!!!  I will be so beside myself when Christi is there, and Terri is there, and Hannah is there, and Lynn is there, and 2 more are there with me. And in their own RED jackets.

And this is Stacy James. She does NOT have a growth on her shoulder. That the forehead of someone else.

She is so much fun and so into who we are and not what she wants us to be like. But then that's what I want my team to be. Themselves and in their Director suits with me.

There are two companies in this country that put customer service first. Know what they are?

A prize to whoever can name both.

More later, Linda