Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sarah and Jerry

Today we had to wash all of Sarah's bedding. I really don't know why because (shhhh don't tell anyone---she sleeps with us).

Don't tell anyone!!!

Heaven forbid if it gets back to any of the family.

Long years ago and many miles away, we got two yorkies. a male for our daughter and a female for me.

His name was KILLER!! He had the biggest attitude. More fun to play with. He weighed ALMOST two pounds. That first Christmas everyone gave him a small piece of a cookie, or a small piece of cake or a small piece of chicken. 

Lynn came running into the kitchen and said---MOM there's something wrong with Killer.

So we got in the Mini and went to Norwich to the animal place. I can't remember what it was called because this is back in my ytounger days, it was 1978. Anyway, they believed in herbals even for pets. So we got him some raspberry pills. His dose was 1/2 a small pill. It crumbled and we just finally had to guess what a 1/2 of a pill was. No food, just boiled water with sugar and salt in it for THREE days. By the end of the three days he was really hungry.

He SCARFFED down that food.

And then after Christmas we got Mandy. She weighed ELEVEN pounds. We were in business and were gonna have lots of puppies.

Neither one of us knew that Yorkies only come into season about every three years. Not many puppies that way. But, they were so cute. Expecially Killer.

He would sit at the door to go out and bark. That's nothing special -- but his little feet would come off the floor like one of those wind up dogs.

And while we are on the subject of DOGS -- we have NEVER had a dog.



WE have Furry People!

And if you would think about your furry people, that's what they are.

Don't even try to change my mind.

Anyway, the sleeping with us started with Mandy. Killer was sleeping with Lynn. At three pounds he needed to have a source of warmth or he would have gotten pneumonia.

But Mandy, being the BIG girl she was, I just left her to sleep where she wanted. I had a bed for her, but you know how they are. They love to change places ALL night long.

One cold and snowy night, I went to bed. Then I had to get up because I couldn't remember if I had put the fire screen in front of the fireplace.

There was Mandy, with her head on the half brick that made up the place in front of the fire.  Her long hair was ALMOST in the fire.

And, the firescreen was NOT covering the fireplace opening!!!

She went to bed with me.

I told myself that I would just put her on the floor in the summer when we didn't have a fire in the fireplace.

Well, when she died 17 years later, she was still sleeping in our bed.

Once a furry person decides that they have a good thing going you can't budge that thought with a ten foot pole.

We have had Georgie, and now Sarah.

Where was their bed.???

With US, of course.

We got used to having them in the bed too.

More about times in England later.

More Later, Linda