Saturday, September 29, 2012

We have PHOTOs from the iPhone

I have always heard that when you get to be old that you eye sight goes, you start having chin hairs a mile long, your hair turns a little gray and your mind turns to mush..

PARDON me...that ain't necessarily so.

I CAN program the DVR, I CAN input into my GPS an address and then find it again the next day, I CAN download, input, make a power point presentation, drive thru Dallas, and find my way around a foreign country.

AND most of my friends, who are my age, can do the same.

SO, all of you who are wondering, this is what I did to get the pictures from the iPhone to my computer. I took the thingie from the end of the phone charger cord and plugged it into the USB port and got into my photo gallery and started downloading 2 years of photos.

Nuff said about that.

Here is Sarah sleeping on the recliner. As you can see her bed is covered in a teal baby blanket that I bought for the boys when they were quite a bit younger. And I saved it for a rainy day. She really is about the size I thought she would be.

And here she is taking a snooze in the bed. She loves sleeping in the rumpled sheets. I know it's kinda strange, but look. Really LOOK at these two pictures. I think it really odd that she sleeps on her back. Tummy up and vulnerable.

Now she is older and look how BIG she is. She weighs almost 14 pounds. I cut back on her food and she still DEMANDS more food.
I don't CARE what you say, I'm gonna have more to eat.
She is so cute.
More later, Linda