Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarah is not feeling good

Sarah kept us up last night until 2.30 pm. That's after a long day at Christi's debut.  She kept getting up and going to the door, scratching, and going to the door, scratching and getting a drink. So we took her to the vets this morning.

We found a little bit of flea residue. Not much. But with the licking of the feet and the scratching, he decided to give her a shot of cortisone and antihistamine.

She is now sleeping.
Well, I thought she was asleep.

There she is in Jerry's chair. sleeping away. Doesn't she look cute. But SHE can sleep and I can't.

Now she's getting down. She is a real restless sleeper. So last night didn't seem like it was much different UN TIL she started getting up every 15 minutes.!! Then I put her in her bed.

Where am I gonna sleep now.

NOT there. It's too bumpy!!

Not there either. MAN, this is getting serious.

So??? Yes. I AM a sucker for a cute little girl like her. She is SO tired.

I got this close and she didn't even open her eyes. That's pathetic. Not really I'm just TIRED myself and can't go to sleep!!!

I guess the flash got into her eyes. Poor BABY!!!

She found her a pillow, she closed her eyes and she is now asleep.

It's now MY turn!!!

More later, Linda