Monday, September 17, 2012

Christi's Debut

A new member to our team had her debut yesterday.  We had so much fun and too much food.
 Isn't this Cute way to promote yourself!!! She took the wrappers off the water bottles and replaced them with a pink wrapper with her name, her cell number and her website address!! You go GIRL.!Gave me some ideas--she did!!
And this is two of the ladies that came to the debut party. I can't remember their names---I am so sorry goes to all the ladies that were there for not remembering your names. Well I remember the names I just don't know what name goes with what face...I have always been like that. It is NOT because I'm getting older.

And there is the raspberry lemonade. It was too DIE for!!

This is only part of the food. Now I just want to say ONE thing. MK women love to talk about the amazing business plan that Mary Kay wrote up. We also love to talk about the products and how good they are for your skin--men included.

But when it comes to food---OOOOOOOH mama, we do like to eat!!!

Christi is on the right. She is so cute. I am so glad she decided to join our team.

And this is Christi's mom. Kathy or Cathy, I didn't ask, I just remember that name because Katherine is my middle name.

I did get a very bad picture of the COACH bag that Donna is giving away---ask me how---and the one she is giving to the consultant who has the most people to call in.
Now I know why women go gaga over Coach bags. They really are worth it.

More later, Linda