Friday, September 21, 2012

More Naked Ladies!!!

I finally found out what these flowers are really called. They are Lycoris and the color name. Back in August Jerry decided to put out some weed and feed in the yard. To, of course, get rid of the weeds.

I think he put some kilzall in the mix because, well take a look----see all those yellow spots. That's after lots of watering and some rain. For a month. I think he killed the grass. But the Lycoris came up anyway!! They must be really hardy hummers. We have owned this house since 1970, and never planted any Lycoris. The pink one were here when we moved in. These reds ones showed up sometime in the 1990's. Just popped up one day. They are beautiful. And I love how they come up at a different time than the pink ones.

This is a better view of the red Lycoris. I guess I SHOULD call them by their real name. This is two days growth. The red don't stay around as long as the pink ones do, but they are gorgeous

And this is the new door mat that Jerry made for us. It looks like the state of Oklahoma. The only thing he had to do was cut the bottom to fit the Red River. Sarah likes it because it's cooler than the concrete.
Have you ever tried to take a picture and NOT get a shadow of you taking a picture and trying to not be in the picture?? Well, it ain't easy.!!!
Isn't she cute? She really loves to be out in the slight breeze and 90 degree weather.
Then there are times she gets out on the concrete. At 3 in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day. She lays down on that hot concrete and there is no way she will come in UNTIL she is ready to.
There is no one like Sarah.
More later, Linda