Monday, September 10, 2012

Sarah says not AGAIN

This morning Jerry and I went to Noble to watch Donna do a new consultant orientation with my new consultant!! YEAH!!!

Anyway, she is so cute. This beautiful woman has 3 kids. OMG! how does she find time to smile. But she is a joy to be around and to work with.

And this is her beautiful 14 month old. Now I know that babies have a sense about people because when we got there she was asleep in the recliner. With a big teddy bear to keep her warm and from rolling out of the recliner. What a good idea about the bear.
I digress.  Well, Donna was busy doing her orientation and the baby woke up. The next thing I knew Jerry was holding her and bouncing her up and down. He loves kids and, as I do, can't wait until we have great grandkids and not just great grandDOGS.  If you can't figure it out, that's just a HINT!!

 She never even made a peep when Jerry picked her up, or when I did or when Donna did. So that just proves to me what THEY said for years. Babies and dogs know a good (or bad) person.

And then we got home, around 2 pm. This is what we got from Sarah.

She was NOT a happy camper. We had to leave her last Tuesday night to go to OKC for the Red Jacket training. We had to leave her to go to Church on Sunday. We had to leave her this morning to go to orientation.

So THIS is the look that we got when we got home. I think we need to get her a baby sitter!!

More later, Linda