Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sarah has a JOB

Sarah got a NEW job today. Before this she had the job of CSO--- Chief Security OFFICER.

And she was the BWO ---

Bird Watching Officer!!

She was also at the same time the BTO or the

Bed TESTING officer!!

She is now the PLO or paper licking officer at our house.

Every week Jerry has to get an allergy shot. So he stops by the Mickie D's and picks up 2 eggamuffins. One for me and one for him.

That has not gone well with Sarah. She thinks---no she knows that SHE should have one too.

So today I made her the PLO of our home.
Do you see---can you see---any cheese on that scrap of paper? Neither could I, so that's why she is

the PLO.

Because she did such a wonderful job. Fulfilled all the duties of a PLO and kept the evidence so we could see what she accomplished!!

See, it's the real deal paper.

Of course, she got a little shy when I had to take her picture to put on the wall with all the OOO positions.  CFO, CEO, PLO they are all the same thing.

She hid her head!!

And again she hid her head.  Shied away from the lime light.  Just like an OOO person.

But finally I got a good shot.

She even posed for it.

More later, Linda