Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sarah and Jerry

I know this looks strange, but Jerry and Sarah were playing this morning! I mean her little tail was just a sashaying around and around!!!
And even with his bad shoulders, he was laughing and carrying on. He didn't want me to take the pictures to begin with (as you can see), but he soon got into the fun of the day.
Here she goes right under the table. Rubbing her head on the carpet. Having a good time.
I have a question? Does anyone else have a dog that scrubs the carpet with their head when the other end is wet???
Sarah does!!!
No fair telling secrets!!!
Mama is gonna get you two for that!!!
The threat didn't faze them a bit. 
Now, Jerry is telling the secrets!
OK, you two don't gang up on me.
And a hug to last the rest of the day.
I know why she is so happy today. She got a shot for allergies yesterday. She, Jerry and me slept really good last night. It's amazing what a body feels like when it's not itch, scratchy and down right miserable.
That is so cute. Jerry and his Sarah hugging. Makes me want to smile.!!!
More later, Linda