Monday, October 1, 2012

The Camera has been found

Have you ever-----

Looked and looked for something, decided to buy a replacement, and then looked some more.

Well, I hate to say it but I do this ALL the time.

I lost the camera. That is a no-no, very bad thing, a messed up bunch of business. I LIKE my camera. I call it mine because Jerry doesn't know how to work it. But he can turn all those shutters settings and fStops and all that other stuff on that old camera of ours. Well, let;'s make that HIS. I couldn't even get the film to roll from one reel to another. And I couldn't keep it still. I NEVER took a non blurry picture in all the years that we used it.

So, when we bought this one. I looked it over really good. And on the top of the case---right next to the clicker I found two WONDERFUL words.

Wanna know what they are?

Ok, OK, I will tell you.


Now I take all the pictures.

And this is what was on the disc when I downloaded them.

They are about gone now. I did get online and found some yellow, white and coral ones to add to the ones we have.

Of course, we might, just MIGHT have trouble with Sarah. She likes to bit them off about half way down the stalk.

And then I got interested in the shadows that the flowers were casting. I know where some of that REALLY scary stuff in movies comes from now.

This one looks like a BIG axe!!!

And this one could be a WEREWOLF!!!

This one could be a ghost!!

Halloween is almost here.

More later, Linda