Friday, October 4, 2013

This is what HAPPENED!!

Yesterday, Jerry stopped in a left turn lane. All the lights were red so -=- of course he stopped.

Then he said, "I think it's really not necessary to put on the left turn blinker when I am already in a left turn only lane".

I had to really think about that.

The law says that when you get ready to turn you have to put on your blinker--right or left turn.


If you're already in a LEFT turn ONLY--do you have to?

I kinda go with whoever is in front of me. If they have on their blinker, I just do it.

On goes to blinker.

Does that make me a follower and not a leader?

I want to be the leader. Everyone wants to be a leader if they want their business to grow. And I am expecting Director by January.

So, I have to be a leader and if that means that I have to decide to blink or not blink than I have to make up my own mind.

My question is this---are you a blinker because you want to be or because EVERY one else does it.

Are you a leader for a follower?

Would you follow someone off the cliff---or would you turn and go the other way???

More later, Linda