Monday, October 28, 2013

Have you ever just....??

Have you ever just wanted to scream?  For no reason just go outside and scream? So my question is -- why didn't you??

Have you ever made a huge mess of a dessert and served it anyway?  The best cake I ever made broke apart right down the middle as I was taking it out of the pan. Moist and lots of flavor--I'm glad I served it.

Have you ever made a long list of things to tell your doctor and when you got to the office you didn't have the list?  That's OK.

Have you ever punished one child and found out that the other one did it---but it was 20 years later?
That happens all the time. Just apologize and give hugs and kisses.

Have you ever found a library book AFTER you had to pay for it because you couldn't find it? Yes, I did!!

Have you ever gotten strange phone calls?? One time -- in the sixties -- we got a call from a lady who said, " This is Opal and I called to tell you that Roy is in the hospital." Jerry's granddad was named Roy and his Grandma was Opal. Turned out it was a different Roy and Opal.

Strange things happen and then again they may not be that strange!!

It's the times like these that make out lives worthwhile.

More later, Linda