Saturday, October 5, 2013

The front door doesn't work

In Oklahoma we have storms. Sometimes they are bad. Most often though we just have rain.

But we have storm doors that are mostly glass which means we can leave them open to see the rain, let in the light, or just generally leave the front door closed. No screen doors that slam shut and make that funny sound when the wind blows through them.

Or get icky looking when the screen wire rusts and looks all black and -- icky!!

So we have storm doors. And most of the time they work really good.

I like to leave the front door open most of the time so we can get the light from the outside without the heat in the summer or the cold in the winter.

But sometimes -- things happen to the latch.

Sometimes they get sticky -- like they stick open or shut. Or they will just stick so you can't open the door at all. Which is okay except when you have friends coming over and you have to use a knife to push the thingie in so the door will open.

But it has a mind of its own and will -- or will not -- open when it wants to.

Hence the knife.

Works like a charm.

So if your door won't open try using a butter knife, place it between the latch and the door frame and give it a gentle swish from you to the door.

More later, Linda