Friday, October 18, 2013

So today it's raining!!

Yesterday we were supposed to have lots of rain. And last night Jerry and Keith fixed the deer feeder so that NO one can mutilate it.  We have had to replace all parts but the solar panel now 2 times. And its was getting expensive. Now Keith has fixed it so that it is not gonna be a simple job to take all those expensive parts and mutilate it again.

It is so heart warming knowing that those beautiful deer are getting fed every day. I know that it's only corn, but as cold as it has been in the winter months they need all the fat they can get. So we feed them -- more in the winter than at any other time.

Last count there were about 20 of all ages.

Yesterday Jerry took all the corn out of the feeder and put it into buckets so that they coyld work on it last night. This morning he had planned to take those same buckets back to the deer feeder so he could put the corn back in. But with the rain it would have gotten wet and then soured. And then it would have spoiled.

But with the rain that has not been something he could do. It is now a waiting game.  While he watches Kermit and Miss Piggy.

More later,