Thursday, October 17, 2013

I am Wondering---what number is this ?

I've been wondering about all the murders that are going on. Sometimes I think that they are just in real time and we can see the actual crime as it happens.  GROSS!!!

At other times I think that the rate on crimes and murders is not bigger per capita then at any other time in the years Oklahoma has been a state. I mean -- there are more of us now.

It's just very confusing and just a lot sad!

Why does anyone take another life into their and play God with it.

Sometimes I think its caused from the sixties and seventies and all the turmoil then. I mean really, I was looked down on because I didn't have a job. OUT of the home. I chose to stay with my kids. And then when our Dave had his problems I KNEW I had done the right thing.He needed to know from an early age that mom and dad were there for him.

Do the teenagers of today have that sense of belonging to a family?  Not from what I hear.

It's sad. So what do we do about it??

More later, Linda