Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27th

Today is a beautiful day. Cool with a chance for rain. I am looking forward to the rain. Our pond is way too low on water.

Turkeys are all over the place. I haven't seen that since about 2006. We also had a small migration of the Monarch butterflies. It was so pretty.

I don't think Jerry had ever seen anything like that before because he came running into the house and said -- come here and be quiet.!!

Butterflies were everywhere.

It's so wonderful to see the excitement in his eyes. Just like a kid when they first see something like that.

Love it.

Do you remember the first time the Tooth Fairy came to your house!

I do---I looked under my pillow in the morning and there it was--


I could go to the 5 and Dime and get a penny sucker and a ring that would turn my finger green!!

I was RICH!!!

Have things changed or what???

More later, Linda