Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just in on TV

I just saw a young man who plays basketball on TV. He's fantastic!!

He only has one hand. And he was born that way.

Did that tell me something == or what!!

Yes it did. I don't have anything like that I could possibly use as an excuse to NOT do something with my life. So why do I hesitate??

This man does NOT let ANYTHING keep him from being who HE wants to be.

I am learning -- at 72 -- that I don't have to let THINGS get in my way either.

I got a card from my friend Donna a month ago and this is what I learned.


Obviously this young man learned that at an early age. I didn't.

But I'm making up for it. I have gone out on so many limbs that I should be on the ground by now.




I'M SAFE!!!!

More later, Linda