Friday, October 11, 2013

Wash Day! Not so yucky!

When I was a kid in Los Angeles, I used to have to help with wash day. I mean our mom was 4 foot 11 inches tall. She stood on a special made stool so she could put the clothes in and take them out.The only problem---the wringer. And making sure that the clothes didn't fall to the dirty floor. Washing clothes was a chore---that's why we called them "chores".

No one said we were abused as a child. All the kids helped around the house. It madce us feel like part of the family.



Part of something that was good.

Then along came the war and women went to work. When the guys came back to work they quit and wsere happy doing for their families. As long as you got a husband who appreciated all that you did for them.

Then along came the Women's Movement!

Down with motherhood! The pill made sure that you didn't have kids. And if you did you sent them to all sorts of things to keep them busy and did the house work yourself.

SuperMOM became the normal and stay at home moms were shunned. REALLY and TRULY shunned. It was awful.

Now all those second generation moms are beginning to see that doing without a new house every 10 years is a good thing. New carpet every 5 years--not necessary.

Having kids that KNOW they are needed by the family????


More later, Linda