Monday, October 7, 2013

The front door WORKS!!!

Our Lynn's husband, Keith, found the perfect latch for the front door. It is so wonderful to be able to go to the door and open it when my ladies come to pick up their products.

Thank you Keith.!!!

Yesterday was a really busy day. We went to church and stopped for tacos and took them home to eat. It was a nice change.

And then we waited for Dave and Tyler to show up. And they finally did about 3.30.

Then Lynn -- from Sulphur -- came over to pick up Dave. They stayed for a while and then l left.

Between the lunch and the arrival of Dave, Tyler and Rose. Lynn tried on her dress for Andrew and Holly's wedding and we decided on which necklace she was going to wear.

Then we went to the new clothing shop in Duncan. Very casual, but very nice clothing. I even found things I thought a white haired almost great grandma would wear. And feel good in.

It was a good day. And even better when Laverne texted and we set up a time to talk every week.

Life is good.

More later, Linda