Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We have decided that Sarah is a bed HOG!! She not only gets right in the middle she SCOOTS!!

You know what I mean. She scoots from one side to the other. But the best thing is -- she SLEEPS on her BACK!!

Which mean she takes up HALF of the bed. And that's okay except when she decides to move over just a tichy bit.
Right here is THE example of what Jerry has to put up with EVERY night!!

Do you see what's going on. He has about 10 inches of bed space left. I told him to just pick up the covers and roll her over and his response was-----I can't do that she's too comfortable.!!

Is she spoiled???


But she does have this cute little thing she does. EVERY morning. She lays on her back and rubs her eyes. You know what I mean coz you do it yourself. To get the sleep out of your eyes.  Don't say you don't. BECAUSE you do it too.

Hand on her eye---rubbing the sleep out.

She got up right after I took this picture. 

She's so cute!!

More later, Linda