Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Help!!! Help ME!!!

LADIES, I NEED YOUR HELP! I am building a professional women's portfolio this month and need your help! I am looking for women in the
following categories who represent their industry well and would be willing to do before/after photos during a complimentary pampering session with me. If you refer them and they agree ...then you both earn a freebie from me! Refer yourself and get double the special treatment!

1. Waitress
2. Nurse
3. Elementary Teacher...
4. Bank Teller
5. Pharmacy Tech
6. Massage Therapist
7. Publication Editor
8. Daycare Teacher
9. High School Teacher
10. Florist
11. Dance Instructor
12. Pastry Chef
13. Veterinary Technician
14. Legal Assistant
15. Movie Theatre Associate
16. Nail Tech
17. Restaurant Manager
18. Optometrist
19. Barista
20. Hair Stylist
21. Esthetician
22. Secretary
23. Car Sales Associate
24. Interior Decorator
25. Life Insurance Representative
26. Professional Gift Wrapper
27. Various Direct Sales Consultants
28. Photographer
29. Wedding and/or Events Planner
30. Personal Trainer
31. Red Cross Volunteer
32. Vacation Planner
33. Social Worker
34. Nanny
35. Computer Tech
36. Cosmetologist
37. Handmade Gifts & Monogramming
38. Seamstress
39. Volunteer Nursery Worker
40. Stay at home mom

Again, I need to find someone to represent all categories and then some. My goal is to complete the portfolio this month and just in time to do all the promoting and referring before the holidays!! Message or call me.