Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sarah went shopping

It's cold here today!!

REALLY cold.  BRRRR-cold!

So, Jerry had to go shopping. He wanted to go to see Dave, but thank you Lord that he didn't because it's now raining and 32 degrees. And you know what that means---



Anyway we did make it to Tractor Supple to get Sarah some chew bones. I can't seem to find any she likes or I get too big a package and they get stale after they are opened.

She got the royal treatment.

Magazines in the baby seat for her to sit on, though she didn't sit---no, SHE lounged like Cleopatra did as she would float down the Nile.

We let her smell ALL of the treat bags and she chose two.

Of which she has devoured one and decimated the other. I guess those are the one we will keep buying.

As were were going to the check out Jerry saw the furry person jewelry---known in other households as collars and leads or leashes.

She got the cutest Pink collar and a matching lead.

It looks good on her. 

And it doesn't remind me so much of Georgie. Sweet little Georgie who died June of 2008.

My point is this---it's not always the women who HAVE to go shopping to keep down the boredom.

Men like to shop too.

More later, Linda