Monday, January 7, 2013

This is Sarah as a pup. She wouldn't come in the house and even though it was 35 degrees outside Jerry propped open the door.

I should have know what was going to happen even then I should have know.

A few months went by and Jerry started taking his naps with Sarah. He even puts my pink fleece blanket on his legs so she will be even more comfortable.

Or warm!!

The pink blanket goes on the bed for her too.

I really think he's in love!! Like I was with Mandy. Don't get me wrong, I know what a little furry person can do to you. Mandy and I were just like -- well I don't know what to say. She went everywhere with me.

And Sarah goes everywhere with Jerry.

Grilled cheese sandwich -- for Jerry, but what do you wanna bet Sarah gets some of it too??

I didn't actually see him give her any, but as slow as he eats it sure did disappear fast.!!!

That's how it is Mom, when my Daddy thinks I'm hungry!!

More later, Linda