Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's happening to our children

A while ago a middle school boy went to school and killed himself in the main hall before school even started.

I want to know what's happening to the kids of our country!!

Is it the very violent computer games?

Is it the lack of parenting?

That last question is VERY controversial. I know! I was a working mom for a while.

My daughter has worked for years. At one time, when the kids were in grade school she only worked 4 days a week. So, IF they finished their chores by Thursday, they got to do what they wanted on Friday--with mom.

When those kids got into High School Band mom and dad went as sponsors EVERY place they went.

Now I'm not saying they are perfect, but they both call their mom and dad nearly every day.

When they need help they call dad.

AS a young mother myself, without the example of a mom, I learned that the more I was involved with my kids the better they were. Happier and more settled. We needed that when we went to England for the two years that turned into six.

That's scary for kids. Leaving all that they know, to go to a place that speaks English, not American.

New food, new climate, new transportation--they drive on the left--new friends--if they stayed around at the school for a year. The school had a 75% turnover EVERY year.

Constant change!!

Our son got off track for a long while, but with God all things have worked out.

Back to today. I have heard from educators that they wished parents would take more interest in what their children did.

And that's another thing---Why do we call 18 year olds CHILDREN??  All that does it make them unable to function in college or a job...you know---the REAL world.

This CHILD of 20 still acts like a child of 12.

Sad, SAD!!!

And more sad!

Today's blog is a mess. Yesterday Jerry had to have an EEG. And, of course, he went to sleep.

The scan was almost over when he started making noises and moving -- or trying to move -- his feet and arms. The scan on the computer went almost completely dark with waves.

I don't know if he had some kind of brain problem or if it was a nightmare.

But I remembered one thing--God is in charge and HE knows best for all of us.

More later, Linda