Monday, January 28, 2013

It's that TIME again

Doesn't everyone one know what time it is?

It's the dreaded TAX time of the year.


Why can't we do something like they do in the UK?

The Tax people send you a fold sheet of paper with questions on it. Like do you own a home? A second home? Do you own a boat? Or a horse. How many cows?

How many live in your home?

And then you mail it back to them. In an envelope that you provide and to which you attach a stamp.

In a few weeks they send you back a letter letting you know how much you owe them--if any--and you have to make payment in a quarterly fashion.

No mess, no deductions,nothing but what do you have---and here is what you owe.  Now if you have a question about their amount you can question it and ask for a hearing. But you still have 4 times during the year  you can make payments on the tax owed.

Easy for them and easy for the taxpayer.

So why---if they can do that---can't we come up with something that is understandable by everyone. If you call the IRS hot line about a question you will get different answers every time you call about the same question.

Not a good way to give us common folk confidence in the tax -- ing system.

Anyone have a way to reform this stressful time of the year?

More later, Linda