Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ok!! I'm Confessing

I cried during the movie Les Miserable.

If you didn't ----  you are lying!!

To see Hugh Jackman and Russell Crow with tears running down their faces was heart wrenching.

Even now when I think of their tears, I tear up myself.

I have always been that way.

And when Anne Hathaway sold herself in that box--well, it looked like a coffin--and then sang "I dream a dream", that still bothers me.

I remember when TVs got into homes. My dad and I would sit on the couch in front of that 10" round screen and watch movies.

There were a lot of LASSIE and RIN TIN TIN movies on TV in those days.

Those two could get into more trouble!!

And I would cry.  And CRY!

And my dad would cuddle me close and pat my shoulder.

I just didn't understand that it was just a movie. To me it was real.

Makes me wonder about all these people who open up with gun fire. Do they just think it's not real??

Or are they really crazy??

Back to Les Miserables. I downloaded the entire book onto my Kindle and am reading it. But, as you know, books of that time were the TV of today. But TV shows all the scene and shows all the costumes and the emotion. Books of Victor Hugo's day had to write it all out, which takes pages and pages.

So MY analysis of the book and the movie will come at a later time.

Much later.

More later, Linda