Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Have you been watching TV lately?  Have you seen all the diet plans that are available? I think most of them are just plans to make money for the people who own the company.

I know that for years I craved protein. I would eat chips and popcorn and all that other stuff.

But it never made me feel good. I never had anything but a slowed down feeling after eating sugar. I never remember having a sugar high. I do remember having to take naps when I ate too much carbs in a day.

So, now the doctor tells me to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and skip the toast. Have lots of vegetables, but no starch.

Since Monday I've lost 6 pounds.

I think that at 71 I should know my body. What would I do if I couldn't afford the protein. I think I would go to vegetable protein. You know the dreaded BEAN.

But, thanks to Jerry's planning, we have enough to buy what we need.

On the other hand the doctor told Jerry to eat cereal for breakfast. He is thriving on it. He's up 1 pound. And he needs to gain 2 or 3 more.

And he's not napping as much.

I guess when we have children at home, and all that hurry and scurry that goes with taking care of the house, the children, school, job, and numerous other things, we don't have time to pay attention to our bodies.

That's for us old folks.

And THAT'S why we can work circles around you youngun's!!

More later, Linda