Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now I can't get onto a Website!!

You know how EXASPERATING trying to make a call to a company and you can't get anyone to answer---or they put you on HOLD!!!

Well, Now it's the computer.

Gathering information the page said

for 40 MINUTES.

I just backed out.

THAT is ENOUGH. When you can't even get onto a website to find out why they sent an email.!

I will get back into the website later---or try to call----AGAIN!!!

Not only the phone, but the website too. UGH!!

I may have to call the other number I have and try to get to them that way.

There used to be a time when you made a call to a company a person answered.

Nice and friendly voice coming down the line.

It really helped when you just got over a screaming match with your VERY strong willed child.

Or when you and your spouse had an argument. And you just needed to hear a friendly voice right at that minute.

What's gonna happen next??

More later, Linda